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Scottish Episcopal Church

Charity Number: SCO1170

Mission Action Planning

PrintBack in 2009 when Rev Gregor Duncan became the Bishop for Glasgow and Galloway, he committed himself to implementing change and growth in the Diocese and began immediately to put this pledge into action. As the months passed developments were put into place, reflection and evaluation was undertaken and the Diocesan Intention for Growth was born.

The thrust of the strategy is two fold: to enable congregations to become more outward facing into their communities… and secondly, to become more aware of the needs (and gifts) of those around them in such a way as to draw others into their fellowship. All of which is designed to bring as many as possible to experience the fullness of life through the knowing of our God.

The strategy is discerned through six strands:

Prayer and Spirituality

Learning and Discipleship

Missional Leadership

Numerical growth, welcome and integration

Imaginative outreach into the community

Children and young people

The strategy asks that every church draw up, in consultation with it’s members, a Mission Action Plan. This plan will reflect on where the charge is at the present time and identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth. Building on these insights, realistic and missional goals and actions are set and timelines identified. The Mission Action Plan is then written and sent to the Bishop so that he knows what is happening in each charge and can support wherever assistance is needed.

The M.A.P. process is a very collaborative one and involves the members of the congregation from beginning to end. It is not something that the clergy make up by themselves! It develops a way of thinking and a way of being church, which for some means adopting a whole new mindset. Above all, the M.A.P. process is about bringing people together to work for the Kingdom, and along the way to have some fun!!

St Mungo’s has completed it’s first year M.A.P. and is now in it’s second year of mapping – a copy of which can be found following the link from this page.



Spirit of our Loving God,

in your mercy and compassion

inspire, encourage and empower us

to live and work together

as a Diocese,

to allow your mission for us

to take flesh

through Jesus Christ

our Living and Eternal Lord.


MAP work in the Diocese

St Mungo Year 2 MAP