Link with St Augustine’s

In February 2014 Fr Kenny became Rector of both St Mungo’s and St Augustine’s. This brought the two churches into a new relationship and, although it has meant a change in mindset, many positives are becoming apparent from such a move.

The two churches have always been very different – their histories and present day way of doing things remains distinctive. But that still means that we can join together at certain times and enjoy the activities and friendship of a now larger pool of people.

Initially we joined together for a weekend on the Island of Cumbrae, which included fun, relaxing evenings, regularly worshipping together, as well as the more serious study times. Our Lent groups and Advent groups are held in Alexandria, open to both congregations and through which friendships have begun to grow. We have launched a new House Group which brings members together to get to know one another better.

It is hoped that these links will be strengthened as we journey forward in faith together.



Easter 2015 Fort William 072


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