The Return of the Bell?

Some of the congregation will remember the Bell that sat on the far left hand side of the Altar for decades before being moved to the porch for another number of decades.   The Bell was gifted to St. Mungo’s by The United Turkey Red Coy. Ltd after the closure of the Cordale Works in Renton for safe keeping and for us to make use of.  It was rung at Easter, Christmas and the New Year services and occasionally at other times during the year.

However, in 2002 it was decided to loan the Bell to Loch Lomond Shores to be put on public display near the Children’s Play area.  This proved very popular with the children and visitors, who continually rang it all day long.  After about 2 years of ringing the clanger had a rubber sheath put over it to dull the sound, as the local housing estate nearby complained about the noise. Eventually the clapper was removed, and the Bell locked down so that it could not be moved or swung.  People then continued to hit it with rocks and stones to make it ring and the Bell fell into disrepair with a rusting bearings mechanism and  it became a sorry sight.

The Vestry was then approached to get the Bell back before any further damage could be done. Lomond Shores management agreed to restore it to its original condition and give it back; it is presently in a workshop being repaired.

So look out for the Cordale Bell when it returns to St. Mungo’s, possibly as a feature of the community garden being prepared in the grounds!